kathleen berthus



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Dear, is an homage to paper as a ubiquitous material that has become seemingly mundane and under appreciated, leading to thoughtless and wasteful habits in our contemporary society. The publication is separated into several chapters which presents various aspects of the material that in fact make it a material unlike any other, such as it’s shapeshifting abilities. In between the chapters are hand-made papers made from various used scraps of paper, such as printing paper to show that paper that was once deemed to have reached to end of it’s value and use, can in fact be be given new purpose if we just shift our mindset. The style of the publication is inspired by the themes of ‘Wabi-sabi’ and ‘mistake-ism’, which represent an opposition to these habits of throwing away paper thoughtlessly once their value according to our needs is gone.


what’s happening to me?

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A campaign aimed at changing stigma around mental health for university students. The campaign specifically targets students who are at the beginning stages of their mental health issues and are confused as to what might be happening to them. A poster was created to be placed in quiet places such as bathroom stalls, for the students to not feel judged by looking at it. By scanning the QR code the students are lead to the Instagram page. The Instagram page was created to form a community with students who are at the early stages of their mental health problems, as well as a way of informing them the ways they can get help. Finally, a podcast is launched so that students and professionals can start a conversation about the changes that happen and what can be done to cope in these difficult times.


camilia sinensis


This is an information design project. I chose 10 different kinds of teas and brewed them for various amounts of times and recorded the change in colour. The outcome is a publication which consists of two sections. The first is a photographic account of the change in colour of each tea. The second is a collective colour swatch of all the various colours of the teas together.


Human Metronome


The brief asked to create an LP cover, for a given typeface: Calvert. The outcome focused on the aspect of weight. I cut out of one of the slabs and enlarged it to 3D, as well as using a bright orange to show the vitality of the typeface.